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November 2017

AAC and Literacy Survey

The Communication Trust has been funded by the Department for Education to conduct a research project on the effective teaching of literacy for pupils who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Listening to a Kindle Book on an Android Device

I had a phone call this week from an adult with dyslexia wanting to use text-to-speech with the Kindle app to help him read books on an Android tablet. You would expect this to be relatively straightforward, but it took over two hours of investigation and I'm still not sure that I found the 'best' solution. I should make it clear that I quickly decided to call the enquirer back, rather than leave him hanging on for a couple of hours!

Survey - How do you Select AAC Apps?

We have been asked to pass on information about a survey into how decisions are made about selecting an appropriate App for somebody who needs to use augmentative and alternative communication to express themselves. The survey, organised by James Northridge from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is aimed at parents, speech and language therapists and other professionals and closes on Friday December 15th. Participants will be entered into a draw to win an iPad.

Using a Reading Pen in Exams?

Does anybody in a secondary school in Scotland have a pupil who is using a Reader Pen / Exam Pen to help them read text independently? Has this pupil used the Pen to sit prelims, or SQA assessments?

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Upcoming events

Some events for your diary.

Christmas, 25th December

Annual event, which has been running for over 2000 years, involving tinsel, trees, presents, lots of food and a hint of religion. Use of computers banned, other than for linking up with overseas relatives.

ATEC, Assistive Technology Exhibition and Conference, 18th January, Sheffield

Aimed at disability professionals and technologists involved in post 16 education and the work place, ATEC conferences showcase excellence in assistive technology that removes barriers to learning and work.

What we're reading

CALL Scotland Annual Report, 2016-2017

Scroll down this page to the 'Our Annual Reports' section to find out about the work of CALL Scotland to support learners with communication difficulties and other additional support needs who require assistive technology.

2018 National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan for Scottish Education

One of five Education-related documents released by the Scottish Government on December 12th, this document pulls together evidence for progress in education in Scotland over the past year and sets out the key priorities for improvement for 2018.

Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits Vol 11, Issue 1

Latest edition of research journal produced by the US-based Assistive Technology Industry Association, includes articles on literacy and augmentative and alternative communication.