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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia exists in all cultures and across the range of abilities and socio-economic backgrounds. It is a hereditary, life-long, neurodevelopmental condition.

Young people talking about their dyslexia

The Scottish Definition of Dyslexia is as follows:

“Dyslexia can be described as a continuum of difficulties in learning to read, write and/or spell, which persist despite the provision of appropriate learning opportunities. These difficulties often do not reflect an individual's cognitive abilities and may not be typical of performance in other areas.

The impact of dyslexia as a barrier to learning varies in degree according to the learning and teaching environment, as there are often associated difficulties such as:

Motor skills and co-ordination may also be affected.”

Unidentified, dyslexia is likely to result in:

Learners with dyslexia will benefit from early identification, appropriate intervention and targeted effective teaching, enabling them to become:

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