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Eye Gaze

Eye Gaze technology replaces the standard mouse so you can use your eyes to:

  • Control your computer or communication aid
  • Use environmental controls
  • Access computer games.

What is eye gaze?

The technology tracks your eye to see where you are looking. You can then 'click' (where you are looking) by using a 'dwell click'. The user needs to simply hold their gaze steady in an area for a predefined amount of time. This action produces a 'virtual' click.

Eye gaze is useful for those who:

  • Cannot use their hands to access the computer;
  • Find accessing a computer slow and difficult using other access methods such as a switch;

How does Eye Gaze work?

The technical bit...

  • The eye gaze unit (connected to the computer) directs an infrared light towards the eye;
  • The infrared light is reflected off the retina creating a 'bright pupil effect' (similar to red eye on photographs);
  • A camera within the eye gaze unit then tracks this 'bright pupil effect' as your eye moves;
  • The eye gaze unit translates this 'gazepoint' to 'mouse movement'.

Setting up an Eye Gaze unit

It's actually very easy to setup:

  1. Attach the magnetic mounting bracket to the bottom of your monitor or laptop screen;
  2. Plug in the eye gaze unit to your computer via the USB slot and attach to bracket;
  3. The eye gaze software will be installed automatically from the eye gaze unit.

If the eye gaze unit is built into your communication aid then it's already done for you.

Considerations in choosing eye-gaze technology

  • There is no ideal device for a particular type of user so have an assessment done with multiple devices;
  • The costs involved: hardware, software and support;
  • The weight of the device if it's to be mounted on a wheelchair, etc;

Software Activities Recommended for Eye Gaze

CALL Scotland has produced an infograph signposting you to specific eye gaze software activities useful for building the progression of skills for eye gaze users.

The software curve ranges from early sensory level activities right up to fully featured computer access and communication tasks. Eye gaze hardware solutions are also matched to the skills of users at each stage of the curve.

The infograph is available as an A3 poster, and in PDF with clickable links that take you to sources of information on the internet.

There is also an archived webinar: Exploring the Eye Gaze Software Curve.

Download the poster now

or, read on...

Some of the software listed in the infograph

Useful Websites for Eye Gaze

Eye Gaze Seminar - 30th September 2015

Supportive Practices for Using Eye Gaze Technology in Schools

CALL Scotland held a half day seminar to explore how eye gaze technology could be used to support:


Archived webinar taken on the day