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Eye Gaze

Eye Gaze technology replaces the mouse or touching the screen so you can use your eyes to:

What is eye gaze?

The technology tracks your eye to see where you are looking.  To click or select, you can hold your gaze steady for a short time (called the 'dwell delay') and the system will click for you; or you can blink your eyes; or you can use a separate switch to click.

Eye gaze is useful for people who:

The technical bit...

Setting up an Eye Gaze unit

  1. Attach the mounting bracket to the bottom of your monitor or screen;
  2. Plug in the eye gaze unit to your device's USB connector and attach it to the bracket;
  3. You will probably need to install software to make it work.
  4. Position the equipment and yourself and calibrate the camera for your eyes.

If the eye gaze unit is built into your communication aid or device then it's already done for you.

Considerations in choosing eye-gaze technology

What Products are on the Market?

Most of the eye gaze systems work with devices running Windows, but there are a few that work with iPads. 

Eye gaze cameras

Complete systems with integrated eye-gaze

Software Activities Recommended for Eye Gaze

CALL Scotland has produced an infograph signposting you to specific eye gaze software activities useful for building the progression of skills for eye gaze users.

The software curve ranges from early sensory level activities right up to fully featured computer access and communication tasks. Eye gaze hardware solutions are also matched to the skills of users at each stage of the curve.

The infograph is available as an A3 poster, and in PDF with clickable links that take you to sources of information on the internet.

There is also an archived webinar: Exploring the Eye Gaze Software Curve.

Download the poster now

or, read on...

Some of the software listed in the infograph

Useful Websites for Eye Gaze

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