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Communication Aid

The first thing to consider with communication aids is their weight and size. They can range from very light aids to large heavy dedicated devices.

Consider the following devices:

  • Tobii Dynavox I-15+ which weighs 4 Kg
  • Smartbox Grid Pad Eye 11 which weighs 1.7 Kg
  • iPad Air which weighs 456 g

Each of these devices will have different requirements:

  • The Tobii Dynavox at 4 Kg will require a stronger mounting arm to support its weight.
  • The lighter Smartbox Grid Pad Eye at 1.7 Kg could use a lighter solution.
  • The iPad Air at 456 g can be securely mounted with even smaller, lighter solutions. 

Older, heavier devices can be 7 or 8 Kg in weight.

Consider the following when choosing a solution:

  • Mounting a communictaion aid may have implications for safety and so use the Mounting Assistive Technology Documentation (MAT-DOC) Best Practice Guidelines.
  • If the device is heavy, will it effect the stability of the wheelchair?
  • How will a wheelchair cope with inclines/slopes with the mounting arm and device attached?
  • Can the user see past the device when attached?
  • Will the device need a quick release mechanism?
  • Is the wheelchair frame (or the edge of a desk) strong enough to support a heavy mounting and device?


Some suppliers will provide a virtual mounting service; just ask them
- you take some pictures, tell them about your device and it's environment, and they'll suggest a solution.

This is a list of mounting suppliers:

What are the mounting options?


REHAdapt are a German company who specialise in mountings. They sell in the UK through a variety of suppliers such as Smile Rehab and Inclusive Technology (they brand as 'Inclusive Mounting').

  • made from aluminium;
  • light;
  • easily adjusted;
  • fairly rigid depending on system.

They have 3 main product ranges:

Daessy Mounts

A very rigid mounting solution able to cope with heavy devices. Daessy Mount is manufactured by the Canadian company Daedalus who supply heavy duty wheelchair mounts. They can be purchased through suppliers such as Mounts and More or Smartbox.

  • made from steel;
  • very rigid;
  • locking 'swing away' systems;
  • effective clamps for attaching to the wheelchair.

This is a promotional YouTube video showing the Daessy mounting system in general.