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Other Tablets

When it comes to mounting a tablet, one of the biggest problems is the wide variety of sizes. This means that unlike the iPad, there aren't many cradles for them to fit into.

Solutions to this problem are:

  • Adjustable cradles;
  • Adapter plates that can be glued to the back of the tablet or case.

This means that although a lot of suppliers sell iPad mounts, you can adapt these. The adhesive backed adapter plates are particularly useful.


What to consider when choosing a mounting

  1. Does the user have a heavy or a light touch? How rigid should the mounting be?
  2. Do you need a mounting that can accommodate a protective case for the tablet?


Some suppliers will provide a virtual mounting service; just ask them
- you take some pictures, tell them about your device and it's environment, and they'll suggest a solution.

This is a list of mounting suppliers:

What are the mounting options?


Joy Factory

One of our favourites due to its relatively cheap costs and excellent engineering. Joy Factory is an American company and their products can be purchased from Parotec-IT.

  • Low cost;
  • Made from plastic and polycarbonate;
  • Fairly rigid;
  • Nice magnetic connector (with tightening nut) for quickly attaching the holder to the arm;
  • Effective clamps for attaching to the wheelchair.

The MagConnect range is primarily designed for the iPad but you can get the MagConnect Universal Tablet Module which allows you to mount other tablets.
The module attaches to the back of the tablet (or protective case) via strong adhesive.

There is a short 50 second YouTube video showing a Joy Factory MagConnect mounting.


Again, a relatively cheap solution from this American company but not as solid as the Joy Factory products. They have a UK RamMount website selling a multitude of mounting solutions but you can also purchase them from Inclusive Technology.

  • Low cost;
  • Made from plastic;
  • More suitable for users with a lighter touch;

CALL created a 5 minute YouTube video showing the assembly of a RAMMount iPad mounting and RAMMount also have a promotional video showing a wheelchair mount.

The Universal X-Grip Holder range can be used to fit a variety of tablets.

Daessy Mounting systems

In the case of a wheelchair, it may be that a very rigid mounting solution is required that doesn't have much movement when the user has a heavy touch. Daessy Mount is manufactured by the Canadian company Daedalus who supply heavy duty wheelchair mountings. They can be purchased through a number of suppliers.

  • Higher costs;
  • Much heavier than other mountings;
  • Made from steel;
  • Very rigid;
  • Effective clamps for attaching to the wheelchair.

This is a promotional YouTube video showing the Daessy mounting system. It does not actually show a tablet mounting but it does show the system in general.


REHAdapt are a German company who specialise in mountings. They sell in the UK through a variety of suppliers such as Smile Rehab and Inclusive Technology (they brand as 'Inclusive Mounting').

  • Made from aluminium;
  • light;
  • higher cost;
  • Easily adjusted;
  • Fairly rigid.

Rehadapt offer a range of adapters which allows for other tablets to be used on their mounting systems.