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Positioning switches is vitial to help reduce fatigue, increases accuracy, and makes control much more successful.

What to consider when choosing a mounting

  1. Does the user have a heavy or a light touch? How rigid should the mounting be?
  2. Do you need to provide a protective covering on the switch to protect the user?




Some suppliers will provide a virtual mounting service; just ask them
- you take some pictures, tell them about the user and the environment, and they'll suggest a solution.

This is a list of switch mounting suppliers:

What are the mounting options?


REHAdapt are a German company who specialise in mountings. They sell in the UK through a variety of suppliers such as Smile Rehab, Sensory Guru and Inclusive Technology (they brand as 'Inclusive Mounting').

  • made from aluminium;
  • light and less obtrusive than some other switch mounts;
  • very secure wheelchair frame clamps;
  • can more expensive than some other switch mounts; 
  • easily adjusted;
  • 'Flex back' tubes for head switches.

Daessy Lite Mount

A rigid mounting solution available from Mounts and More.

  • can more expensive than some other switch mounts; 
  • made from steel;
  • very rigid;
  • very secure wheelchair frame clamps.

Gooseneck Switch Mounting

Flexible arm with 360 degrees of rotation which can be easily clamped to a desk or wheelchair. They can be purchased through a number of suppliers such as Inclusive Technology and Liberator.

  • low cost;
  • made from steel;
  • they can move under pressure.

YouTube video showing a Gooseneck with an iPad.



Flexzi is produced by MERU, a charity that design and manufacture disability products for children and young people with disabilities.

Flexzi is a low cost simple solution that can easily be modified to add extra length/reach.

  • low cost;
  • made from plastic;
  • easy to modify;
  • light.