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Positioning switches is vitial to help reduce fatigue, increases accuracy, and makes control much more successful.

What to consider when choosing a mounting

  1. Does the user have a heavy or a light touch? How rigid should the mounting be?
  2. Do you need to provide a protective covering on the switch to protect the user?



Some suppliers will provide a virtual mounting service; just ask them
- you take some pictures, tell them about the user and the environment, and they'll suggest a solution.

This is a list of switch mounting suppliers:

What are the mounting options?


REHAdapt are a German company who specialise in mountings. They sell in the UK through a variety of suppliers such as Smile Rehab, Sensory Guru and Inclusive Technology (they brand as 'Inclusive Mounting').

  • Made from aluminium;
  • light;
  • higher cost;
  • Easily adjusted;
  • Fairly rigid depending on system.

They have 4 product ranges that are suitable for switches:

Daessy Stem Mounting system

A very rigid mounting solution manufactured by Daessy Mount is manufactured by the Canadian company Daedalus who supply heavy duty wheelchair mountings. They can be purchased through a number of suppliers such as Mounts and More.

  • Higher costs;
  • Made from steel;
  • Very rigid;
  • Effective clamps for attaching to the wheelchair.

YouTube video showing the Daessy Stem Mounting System.

Gooseneck Switch Mounting

Flexible arm with 360 degrees of rotation which can be easily clamped to a desk or wheelchair. They can be purchased through a number of suppliers such as Inclusive Technology and Liberator.

  • Low cost;
  • Made from steel;
  • Fairly rigid.

YouTube video showing a Gooseneck with an iPad.


Flexzi is produced by MERU, a charity who design and makes life-changing disability products for children and young people with disabilities.

Flexzi is a low cost simple solution that can easily be modified to add extra length/reach.

  • Low cost;
  • Made from plastic;
  • Easy to modify;
  • light.