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WordQ + SpeakQ

Getting Started

WordQ+SpeakQ is speech recognition software designed for people who have literacy difficulties.

  • The 'WordQ' part provides word prediction and speech feedback,
  • while 'SpeakQ' gives speech recognition.

Users can both dictate and use word prediction to support their writing, and the program is simpler to use than Dragon NaturallySpeaking. WordQ+SpeakQ is designed for writing, not for controlling the computer, and so it's not suitable for people who want 'hands-free control'.

WordQ+SpeakQ is available  for Windows computers and you can download a trial version of the software from the GoQSoftware website.

To help you get started, refer to:


Learning to use WordQ+SpeakQ

Before you introduce WordQ+SpeakQ to a student, learn to use it yourself - use the videos and guides above. For teaching students we suggest the procedure outlined in Speech Recognition as AT for Writing, by Daniel Cochrane and Kelly Key, which uses the following approach:

  1. Consider It! - Is Speech Recognition (SR) an appropriate tool for the student and the learning tasks? Not every student can use SR, and you can't necessarily use it for every learning task.
  2. Try It! - SR is not magic. You must teach the student to use SR, and to compose and dictate.
  3. Assess It! - What does SR offer compared to handwriting, typing or other writing tools?
  4. Implement It! - If SR looks like it is a viable tool, how can it be introduced into class and at home?

WordQ+SpeakQ in Education


Which version should I buy?

The Standard version of WordQ+SpeakQ is designed for struggling writers, particularly at school. In the UK, WordQ+SpeakQ is available from Assistive Solutions.

Version  Cost ex VAT 
WordQ+SpeakQ v4 £199 (single user)
WordQ+SpeakQ + ABBYY FineReader £239 (single user)
WordQ+SpeakQ v4 site £1995 (site licence)

WordQ+SpeakQ is also available in other versions:

  • The Pro version has a more advanced dictionary and is aimed at adult and higher education users.
  • There are also versions with additional medical and legal dictionaries.
Version  Cost ex VAT 
WordQ+SpeakQ v4 Pro £209 (single user)
WordQ+SpeakQ Legal £229 (single user)
WordQ+SpeakQ Medical £179 (site licence)


WordQ+SpeakQ does not come with a microphone, so you'll need to buy one. We suggest you buy a mic with a USB plug such as the: