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Additional Costs and Travel


  • These charges exclude VAT which is added to final invoice (Authorities and schools can generally reclaim VAT).
  • Depending on the course, 2 trainers will often be required for courses with more than 12 people (especially hands-on with computers). It is occasionally recommended that there are 2 trainers even if less than 12 staff are attending a course.
  • Travel is charged at 45p per mile plus any expenses incurred for accommodation and subsistence if required.
  • Part days may incur additional cost if total travel time is greater than 2 hours.
  • A set of training laptops (up to 24) and iPads (up to 14) with appropriate software can be provided for use in the CPD session, at no extra charge.
  • The SLA rate is for schools etc in authorities that have a Service Level Agreement with CALL Scotland. To find out if your authority has an SLA with CALL Scotland, contact us.