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Online Workshops

Online workshops allow one or more of our experienced trainers to provide cost-effective Professional Learning (on all aspects of assistive technology) remotely from our office at CALL Scotland to your school, college or organisation.

What are the benefits of learning online?

  • Less expensive than attending a traditional workshop.
  • Workshops can be viewed in a location of your choice.
  • Up to 30 staff members can attend at one time.
  • Participants can logon from their desktop.
  • Facilitated in a similar way to our onsite training with hands-on activities.
  • Online workshops are recorded and allow for future viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each workshop?

The length of the training session is flexible to suit your needs, e.g. two-hour sessions, half-day, or full day. If you require additional workshops on a particular subject, the sessions can be designed to extend over a set period.

How much does an online workshop cost?

Starts at £330 for a bespoke 2 hour workshop if your authority has an SLA with CALL or full price is £395.

How do I prepare for an online workshop?

You'll need to check that you have good connectivity and that your local authority or school can access the online workshop - to test in advance, please ensure you pass the diagnostic check. Please see the Preparing for an online workshop page for more details.

Certificate of attendance

All participants will receive an electronic certificate of attendance which can be uploaded to My GTCS Professional Update along with the course learning objectives, success criteria and recommendations for further reading.