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Choosing and Using Symbol-based AAC Communication Apps on iPad

Communication apps can be used effectively to support people with communication difficulty, however it can be a challenge to choose which app best meets a person's needs.

This online workshop will explore the range of symbol based communication apps that are available for iPad, using CALL Scotland's 'Wheel of AAC Apps' as a guiding structure. This will include symbol-based grid Apps as well as simple communication apps which use photo/picture images.

There will be time for discussing and comparing apps, and time to view tools for matching app features to a person's needs. The expected outcome of the course is that participants will be able to make informed choices as to which symbol based communication apps are suitable options for a person with communication difficulty.



19th September 2019
University of Edinburgh

Online learning
(4:00pm - 5:30pm)

What you will learn

  • To analyse the range of communication apps available on the CALL AAC App Wheel and demonstrate an awareness of how they can be implemented
  • To compare and contrast app features and decide which features are essential and which are desirable
  • To demonstrate the process of matching communication apps for an individual to facilitate enhanced communication

Who is the seminar and workshop aimed at?

  • Additional Support Needs staff in all sectors of Education including VI Specialists and class teachers
  • Health professionals, social care and voluntary sector staff

Meet your presenter(s)

Joanna Courtney
Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

She has 18 years' experience of working in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, spending her first 7 years working in a Special School. She has an Honours degree (BSc) in Speech and Language Pathology from Queen Margaret University and her particular area of interest is enabling peer interaction and group opportunities for people who use AAC.

About the event

  • Duration: 90 minutes, starting at 4:00pm
  • Equipment requirements: Mac or Windows PC (or laptop), internet connection, microphone optional.
  • Logging into the webinar room: Read 'Preparing for an Online Workshop' and ensure you have tested the webinar link before the day.
  • Format of the Online Learning: You will hear our presenters discussing and demonstrating assistive software and apps. There will be opportunities to ask questions using your microphone or typing into a Message box. There will be 'breakout rooms' which you will be split up into (we will do that for you from our side) and it gives the opportunity to have a more active learning experience and the chance to have smaller group discussions.
  • Weblink: This will be emailed to you a week before the event.


If you have technical problems and are not able to access the Online Learning on the day you will receive an archived recording of the session. No refunds will be given.