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Dekko Educational (and fun) Comic Books for Learners with Literacy Difficulties

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Rossie Stone, creator of Dekko Comics, will explain more about the rationale behind his comics and how his experience of school shaped his ideas for helping future generations.

‘Words are an important skill, but they are a skill nonetheless. Not everyone’s mind is well-suited to communicating and absorbing information through words. As we are told in school: everyone is different.’

Dekko Comics are a new, entertaining and engaging way of communicating school lessons, and have proven to be especially (though not exclusively) helpful for children with forms of dyslexia, autism, ADHD, and other conditions. Those who struggle with conventionally laid out information find the colourful, well-drawn Dekko comics engaging and easy to understand.


Rossie Stone, Dekko Comics

Date of webinar

29th August, 2017

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