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Using Technology to Support Dyslexia in the Classroom - a Personal Journey

**Webinar Archive**

Hamish gave this presentation at the Dyslexia Scotland Education Conference in Glasgow on Saturday 26th October. Unfortunately, the wifi system in the venue 'froze' during the presentation, so people were not able to appreciate how much use Hamish is able to make of technology to help his learning. We invited Hamish to record his presentation for us as a webinar to make it available to everybody who attended the conference and to everybody else with an interest in the use of technology to help people with dyslexia.

Hamish is an S5 pupil at Dunblane High School who has been using an iPad to support his learning since he was in primary school. During the course of this webinar he demonstrates how he uses the iPad's built-in accessibility features, including Speak Screen / Speak Selection to support his reading, and Siri speech recognition for writing. He also demonstrated some of the standard apps provided with the iPad that he uses, including Pages. He has also found the free, Seeing AI app to be a useful tool to help with reading printed text. He would not have been able to have the success he has had at school without the use of technology.


Hamish Holmes (Dyslexia Scotland Young Ambassador)

Date of webinar

5th December, 2019