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Mindview: Mind Mapping for Productivity and Study Skills

**Webinar Archive**

MindView is a mind mapping productivity and study skills tool for both staff and students. It is an ideal tool for secondary school students to improve writing and reading skills, to help with organisation and reminders, and as a method which positively impacts personal productivity.

The added assistive technology software functionality, including text-to-speech, Dragon integration, predictive text, and audio notes make MindView so valuable for learners with additional support needs.

In this webinar, Liam will demonstrate how MindView helps to:

  • Generate ideas in a visual way
  • Structure thoughts in a non-linear fashion
  • Outline written assignments and story board presentations
  • Convert ideas into formatted MS Office
  • Documents ready for assessment


Liam Pettit, MatchWare

Date of webinar

5th February, 2020