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How can Robotic Avatars help Children Who are Long-term Ill Take Part in School from Home?

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In this webinar, Harriet Gridley from No Isolation will show how the AV1 avatar can improve the education access for young people with health needs that prevent them from attending school on a regular basis. The AV1 avatar is a communication tool designed to sit atop a desk in a classroom while the student controls the AV1 remotely from home or hospital via an app. It is their eyes, ears, and voice in the classroom, transmitting everything back to the child through a secure live-stream.

Research funded by the Department for Education shows that AV1 increases not only attendance and attainment, but also boosts personal development, confidence, and sense of well-being. Learn more about this powerful tool and its benefits in this webinar.


Harriet Gridley, Nolsolation

Date of webinar

4th March, 2020