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Using Technology to Support Storytelling for All Learners

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The majority of Carol Allen's excellent work has centred on creative and engaging use of technology to support communication - in its widest sense - for learners with additional support needs.

In this webinar, Carol will focus on how technology can support all our learners to actively engage with Storytelling.

She says, "Storytelling is rooted very clearly in the entire history of mankind. Indeed education in some parts of the world is delivered to this day via storytelling. It is part of our way of connecting with friends and families and stories are passed from generation to generation. Storytelling in its purest form involves speaking and listening which are two of the four components of communication, however reading and writing are also essential for the sharing of stories in a written format."

This lively webinar will give you many ideas to follow up and try yourself!


Carol Allen, AT and communication specialist

Date of webinar

27th May, 2020