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iPad Apps to Support Learning and Communication for Those with Autism

The iPad has great potential for engaging and motivating young people. It has excellent in-built accessibility functionality and there are many apps which could provide support for those with autism.

In this webinar, Shirley will demo apps which can support learning and communication as well as apps to alleviate anxiety, to cope with change, to understand a new environment and to control emotions. Both symbol based and text based Alternative Augmentative Communication apps will be explored and participants will be signposted to a wide range of resources and support.

There will be discussion on teaching strategies and how to best support autistic learners to use the iPad. And how to cope with it being removed or switched off for bedtime!


Shirley Lawson, CALL Scotland


About the webinar

  • The webinar runs from 16:00-16:30 (UK time zone);
  • The workshop part lasts about 20 minutes;
  • There will be 5-10 minutes after this for questions and answers.

Date: 24

course cost is Free

Course Reference: WEB172

Preparing for the Webinar

To try and ensure the webinar goes as smoothly as possible for you on the day, we've created a very simple 4 point preparation list that you may wish to follow.