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AAC and Clinical Decision Making

The I-ASC explanatory model is a way of conceptualising the complex elements of decision making in symbol communication aid assessment and is supported by many practical resources which are freely downloadable (

In this webinar, Janice will focus on summarising the explanatory model developed from the decision-making theory that emerged from the UK research project, 'Identifying appropriate symbol communication aids for children who are non-speaking: enhancing clinical decision making'.

She will introduce you to 11 year old Gita, as someone who might benefit from AAC, and use the explanatory model to explore how to approach AAC recommendations for her.


Janice Murray, Professor of Communication Disability, Manchester University


About the webinar

  • The webinar runs from 16:00-16:30 (UK time zone);
  • The workshop part lasts about 20 minutes;
  • There will be 5-10 minutes after this for questions and answers.

Date: 7

course cost is Free

Course Reference: WEB177

Preparing for the Webinar

To try and ensure the webinar goes as smoothly as possible for you on the day, we've created a very simple 4 point preparation list that you may wish to follow.