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Google Action Blocks to Support Communication and Physical Impairments

Google Action Blocks provides one-touch access to a growing range of environmental controls and cognitive support features through Google Assistant. Examples include turning on and off lights, setting reminders and sending preformatted messages. Action Blocks is also a functional communication aid, providing access to synthetic speech in a similar fashion to well-known products such as Grid for iPad and Snap Core First.

In this webinar, Charlie will explore the latest features and applications of this interesting piece of technology. One of the most startling features of Action Blocks, other than it is completely free, is that it has full access to the PCS symbol library. This really opens up options for people familiar with symbols as a way of communicating and therefore finds itself a place as a backup communication aid, or a more affordable alternative for Android users.


Charlie Danger, Occupational Therapist and AT Professional


About the webinar

  • The webinar runs from 16:00-16:30 (UK time zone);
  • The workshop part lasts about 20 minutes;
  • There will be 5-10 minutes after this for questions and answers.

Date: 3

course cost is Free

Course Reference: WEB200

Preparing for the Webinar

To try and ensure the webinar goes as smoothly as possible for you on the day, we've created a very simple 4 point preparation list that you may wish to follow.