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Technology and SQA Assessment Arrangements Conversation - Overview

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This webinar is an opportunity to obtain an overview of the use of technology and Digital Question Papers for pupils who use Assessment Arrangements. Examinations were last held in the 'usual' way in 2019 and the webinar will provide a reminder or an introduction for staff, pupils and parents who are less familiar with how technology can be used in examinations. This session will provide an overview and will focus on the use of desktop computers and laptops running Windows - we will look at some options for iPads on March 23rd and for Chromebooks on March 24th.

The webinar will comprise a short introduction to Assessment Arrangements, a demonstration of how pupils who have additional support needs can use Windows devices to read and access Digital Question Papers and write answers, and a time for questions and discussion.

We are describing this session as a conversation because educational technology has changed hugely since 2019 and there is a need for all stakeholders involved with assessment and examinations to share knowledge and experiences to plan for the future. We hope to be joined by colleagues from SQA.


Paul Nisbet, CALL Scotland

Date of webinar

22nd March, 2022