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Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit

**Webinar Archive**

This is an update on the Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit which is a free comprehensive online resource for all who are involved in the identification and support of learners aged 3-18 years who are showing signs of literacy difficulties. 

The Toolkit was developed by a specialist working group chaired by Dr. Margaret Crombie until 2014. The Toolkit continues to be maintained by the Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit Working Group, chaired by Fran Ranaldi since April 2014. The overall project is managed by Dyslexia Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government.  

The Toolkit will guide you through the steps from initially identifying some early signs of difficulty in literacy development, ensuring appropriate teaching and support, evaluating that support, and where appropriate, considering whether the term ‘dyslexia’ is appropriate.

The resource is linked to ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ and it has  ‘traffic light’ (green, amber and red) colour coding to guide teachers to the sections which are most appropriate for that teacher’s level of knowledge of dyslexia.


Cathy McGee & Fran Ranaldi

Date of webinar

3rd November, 2015

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