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Making Maths Accessible on the IPad

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Many learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and writing difficulties find it hard to lay out arithmetic and mathematics problems neatly in order to help solve problems. There are a number of iPad apps available to help with this. This webinar will look at a few of these apps:

- ModMath is a useful app for carrying out arithmetic tasks, showing working, ranging from simple addition and subtraction up to long division and fractions. Version 2, released in December 2015 adds facilities for working with algebra.

- Panther Math Paper can be used for arithmetic in the same way as ModMath, but can also be used for solving algebraic formulae (showing the working), working with shapes and basic calculus. It is available in Lite and 'full' versions.

- MathBoard is a suite of apps available separately as a bundle, or in various packages. 'Addition' is available as a free demo, while others cover basic arithmetic functions and fractions. The 'Challenge' app provides opportunities for practice.


Allan Wilson, CALL Scotland

Date of webinar

27th January, 2016

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