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Equipment Bank

What is the Equipment Bank?

CALL Scotland loans specialist equipment to individuals with disabilities throughout Scotland. Loans of equipment are made to allow for extended assessment at home, school or work, and to enable people to evaluate a device or system.

Loans are not made to supplement school or centre equipment stocks.

How do I know what to borrow?

Sometimes borrowers know exactly what they want as a detailed assessment has already been done. Otherwise contact your local educational psychologist or speech and language therapist to arrange an assessment.

The first step with any loan is through the Headteacher or, for adults, through the contact social worker or occupational therapist.

Who can borrow equipment?

  • Individual users, usually through professions in schools,
  • health care or social work services.

How do I borrow equipment?

Once you’ve found something you would like to borrow, write down the 'CALL number' of the item and contact us to arrange a loan.

Loans are generally for two months, but it is possible to negotiate an extension.

How much does a loan cost?

  • The loan and shipment to the school or organisation is free
  • but the borrowers must pay for the return delivery.

What happens if equipment is damaged or lost?

  • Borrowers are responsible for equipment while it is on loan.
  • If the loan item is damaged or lost then the borrower is liable for the repair or full replacement costs.

The borrower may wish to arrange insurance through their school or organisation.