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Augmentative Communication and Autism

Author: Allan Wilson

Price: £ 5.99


  • Format: A4 paperback (82 pages)
  • ISBN: NA
  • Published: 2008

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This book brings together most of the papers presented at the 18th annual Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland Study Day, held in November 2008. The Study Day had a particular focus on the use of augmentative and alternative communication with people on the autism spectrum. Titles of papers:

  • Augmentative Communication and Autism, Allan Wilson
  • AAC in ASD: Fit for Purpose? Dr Vicky Slonims and Helen Cockerill
  • PECS and Beyond - Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) in a School Environment, Kirsty Donaldson and Christine Hobden
  • Using AAC Strategies to meet the Communication Needs of Adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Mary Gilhooley and Colin Graham
  • Augmentative Communication and Autism: Selected Internet Resources Allan Wilson

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