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Personal Communication Passports

Author: Sally Millar, with Stuart Aitken

Price: £ 14.00


  • Format: A4 paperback (126 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781898042211
  • Published: 2003

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Personal Communication Passports are a practical and person centered way of supporting children, young adults and people who cannot easily speak for themselves.

This indispensable guide to Personal Communication Passports outlines key principles of making and using them and provides examples of Passports created across the UK.

Passports can:

  • present the person positively as an individual, not as a set of 'problems' or disabilities.
  • provide a place for the person's own views and preferences to be recorded and drawn to the attention of others
  • reflect a 'flavour' of the person's unique character
  • describe the person's most effective means of communication and how others can best communicate with and support the person
  • draw together information from past and present, and from different contexts, to help staff and conversation partners understand the person, and have successful interactions.

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