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Evidencing learning for pupils with literacy difficulties


5th October, 2023 (4:00pm - 5:00pm)

£30 per individual.

60 minute Online Learning workshop.

Do you find it difficult to gather evidence and assess your pupils' learning?

Learners with Additional Support Needs may not be able to write or type effectively and therefore it is more challenging to find ways to evidence their learning and assess their cognitive ability. Assistive technologies and a Universal Design for Learning approach make it possible to offer alternative ways for pupils to do this.

In this workshop, Shirley Lawson, an Assistive Technology and ASN Teacher on the CALL Team, will discuss and demo a variety of tools that can be used on a variety of different devices (Windows laptop, chromebooks and iPads). She will mainly focus on built-in tools and assistive features which means that there is no further expenditure required to make the devices accessible and inclusive.

This course was held on the 5th October, 2023 but you can still purchase a recording of the session.
You'll also receive all the resources that were sent out with the course.

What you will learn

  • How to use Assistive technology tools to make learning easier for pupils with ASN
  • How to gather evidence of learning for pupils with ASN
  • What is Universal Design for Learning and how can it implemented effectively to provide an inclusive learning environment
  • How to use Speech-to-text for learners with writing difficulties and spelling anxiety
  • How to create audio files for learners who cannot use speech to text
  • How to use Text-to-speech tools to negate the need for human reader in an exam setting
  • What are the mind mapping options to help learners who process information better in a non-linear manner

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Upper Primary and Secondary Teachers
  • Support for Learning Teachers
  • Pupil Support Assistants
  • Dyslexic learners and families

Meet your presenter(s)

Shirley Lawson
Assistive Technology and ASN Teacher

I bring my teaching experience into my role at CALL as an Assistive Technologies and Additional Support Needs teacher. I lead the CALL Scotland Professional Learning and am focusing on providing a programme of relevant, quality assistive technology training to those working with children and young people with additional support needs and / or disabilities.

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