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Seeing AI app to support those with visual impairment and also those with literacy difficulties


12th May, 2021

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Presenter(s): Allan Wilson, CALL Scotland

Seeing AI is a useful, free iOS app, designed to support people with a visual impairment, and also people with dyslexia. It helps the user to capture an image, possibly text, an object, or a person, then using artificial intelligence and a text-to-speech facility to describe it.

Allan will demonstrate the app, focusing primarily on facilities to help with reading:

  • Short Text - this reads out any text that the camera of your device is pointed towards.
  • Document - captures a page of text and reads it back with more control than provided by Short Text.
  • Handwriting - Seeing AI is surprisingly good at reading out hand-written text.
  • Reading text from an image - This 'hidden' feature allows text to be read from any image stored in your device, including a photograph of text from a presentation, or a screen capture of text.

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