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Low cost digital visual supports


15th September, 2021

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Presenter(s): Beth Poss, LessonPix

LessonPix is an inexpensive, web-based resource with more than 50,000 images for creating print and digital visual supports, communication resources, and curriculum materials. In this webinar, participants will learn how to quickly and easily make visual schedules, communication boards, learning games, and much more.

Beth will explore the features of LessonPix including a high contrast image generator, Play Tools and PowerPoint add on. In addition to being able to create custom resources, LessonPix also has thousands of pre-made materials in the Sharing Center to save time for educators, AT professionals, and therapists who can use pre-made materials as is, or adapt to meet the specific learning needs of their students. Whether your need is for print or digital materials, this LessonPix overview will help participants make or find exactly what they require to support students in any learning environment.

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