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Music-making for all: Adapted musical instruments and apparatus


16th March, 2022

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Presenter(s): Rachel Wolffsohn, The OHMI Trust

The OHMI Trust works to remove the barriers to music-making faced by people with physical impairments. Virtually all musical instruments are unplayable to any reasonable standard without ten highly dextrous fingers. As a result, thousands of people are excluded from music-making. The OHMI Trust strives for full, undifferentiated, participation in musical life for disabled people of all ages through the creation and provision of adapted musical instruments and enabling apparatus.

In this webinar Rachel Wolffsohn, OHMI's General Manager, will explain more about some of the ground-breaking instruments and apparatus that OHMI has sourced and developed. You will find out how the organisation works with individuals. Whether you are super talented or even just a little bit interested in music-making, it is OHMI's goal that the barrier should not be the instrument!

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