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SymbolStix: a symbol communication tool


18th May, 2022

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Presenter(s): Stacey Atiyeh, SymbolStix and Gillian McNeill, CALL Scotland

SymbolStix PRIME, is an evidence based symbol communication tool, based in the US, which empowers students to communicate effectively and promotes active participation in both educational settings and life beyond the classroom. It's an online database of SymbolStix symbols for creating your own printable communication boards or educational resources, as well as using within an online activities platform for learners or downloading symbols to your computer.

With SymbolStix, teachers can ensure all learners have access to learning, language, and self-expression with the world's most comprehensive library of over 90,000 contemporary, multicultural, dynamic symbols. It's easy to meet immediate needs with extensive templates for creating routines, interactive activities, and communications plus Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC), social narratives, maths worksheets, vocabulary practice, and so much more.

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