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Beginner to expert - Head tracker masterclass


1st February, 2023

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Presenter(s): Adam Waits, Smartbox

In this webinar Adam will be breaking head tracker myths and showing you how to get the most out of these incredibly reliable and accurate tools. Head trackers are often overlooked as an option to help people control their device, usually due to preconceptions about the setup requirements and the level of head control needed. However, with the right setup, head trackers can provide users with a precise and powerful way to have complete control of their device.

Adam will show you four head tracking solutions and how they can be used in Grid - Smyle Mouse, Quha Zono, Zono X and HeadMouse Nano from Origin Instruments using a mixture of discussion, video and live demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to compare the four solutions and explore their various features and strengths for different user needs.

During the session, we will also cover some of the more advanced options available, including use of gesture control to complete tasks when browsing, adjusting the speed and smoothness of your cursor and how to get setup for accessible editing.

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