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Emergent Literacy and Digital Tools for Older Learners


29th March, 2023

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Presenter(s): Tina Voizey, AAC and AT consultant

In this webinar Tina will explore technology that's both ability-appropriate and age respectful for teens and beyond who are working on an emergent literacy level and are (or could be!) engaging in activities such letter identification, phonological awareness, shared reading and writing.

She will share a case study of a young man with complex needs, who uses AAC with eye gaze and started literacy instruction at age 21. She will highlight how his education team are using a comprehensive literacy framework to structure, plan and implement his daily emergent literacy interventions all of which use assistive technology to support his engagement.

Tina will share ideas around creating, finding and using engaging learning opportunities with free resources such as Tar Heel Reader and Youtube, tools commonly found in classrooms like Boardmaker as well as supports that are not tech dependent such as alternative pencil flip charts and paper-based materials.

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