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Accessible Music Software with Figurenotes


27th September, 2023

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Presenter(s): Rebecca Di Rollo, Drake Music Scotland

Most music notation software isn't accessible. So what can we use?

In this webinar Rebecca Di Rollo from Drake Music Scotland will introduce you to Figurenotes notation, an accessible music notation from Finland which uses shape and colour to give instant success in music-making. Guiding the learner through 3 simple stages to standard notation, it builds confidence from the start. Learn how our accessible notation software can give musicians the freedom to create, learn, and adapt tunes using Figurenotes. New and improved accessibility features, including screen reader capability, ensures both students and teachers alike can use the software easily.

Figurenotes was originally designed for musicians with learning disabilities, but works brilliantly for any beginner. With Figurenotes, everyone can play!

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