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Peer interaction with AAC - what we learned from running AAC groups


11th October, 2023

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Presenter(s): Sandra MacKay (OcT) and Claire McMillan, (SLT)

Cerebral Palsy Scotland is a charity that provides multidisciplinary therapy input for children and adults from all over Scotland who live with cerebral palsy.

In addition to individual therapy, groups are sometimes offered where the aim is to address the needs of children who are working towards similar goals or who would benefit from the influence of a peer group. AAC groups have been offered for primary school aged children.

These groups offer an opportunity to learn from AAC using peers in a fun environment where the focus is not on formal language learning but benefitting from being part of a shared group experience.

In this webinar Sandra and Claire will share what they have learned from running the AAC groups. This will include observations on what factors provoked increased interaction, communication between peers and had a positive impact on their AAC use outside the group context.

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