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Assistive Gaming: A look at some of our solutions for Xbox, Nintendo and PC gaming


8th November, 2023

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Presenter(s): Bob Sagoo, Pretorian Technologies

Assistive Gaming is a big part of many disabled people's' lives and its importance should not be underestimated.

In this webinar Bob, will talk about the Assistive Gaming solutions Pretorian provide for the Xbox and Nintendo platforms, as well as PC gaming. He will also share his personal experiences of his son, Harchie and his journey into Assistive Gaming and how as a parent he has bonded with him through gaming.

He will highlight the gaming capabilities of some of their core products such as the Optima and Ultra Joysticks, which have been modified to switch from standard mouse functions to new 'gamepad' settings which means they can be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Bob will also talk about new and exciting innovations to facilitate assistive gaming, including Game On which enables eye-gaze gaming on Xbox and PC using an AAC device’s built in eye-gaze camera.

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