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Technology ideas to help structure the school day for autistic learners


6th December, 2023

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Presenter(s): Shirley Lawson, CALL Scotland

Most autistic learners work better in a predictable, structured and quiet learning environment. School days are often a mix of changes of plans and staffing, unexpected loud noises and other sensory disruptions. Factors that could be unsettling for an autistic person and make them 'unavailable' for learning.

In this webinar, Shirley will demonstrate some tried and tested ways using technologies that can support these learners to adapt and cope with change. Visual schedules can be quickly and easily modified if they are in digital format and don’t need to be printed out again. Adding in photos and videos to a social story can help to explain the changes and lead to a better understanding of what is going on. Communication apps can be edited on the fly and new vocabulary with symbols can be used to provide them with ways to voice their feelings and to ask their questions.

It will be a whirlwind 20 minutes of tips and tricks, all with the goal of making an unpredictable school day a better experience for autistic learners.

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