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Teaching Creative Learning and Revision Skills through Video Courses


24th April, 2024

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Presenter(s): Rossie Stone, Dekko Comics

Dekko Video Courses for Schools is an engaging educational resource that teaches learners how to turn information into comics, pictures, puzzles and other formats through the Dekko Technique; a method for turning wordy information into forms of entertainment. Our aim is to make learning fun and accessible for a wide variety of learners while boosting attainment and confidence, especially for neurodivergent learners.

In this webinar, Rossie will showcase the the courses aimed at late primary/early secondary school pupils and explore how creativity and entertainment can be used to enhance independent study skills and revision techniques beyond traditional methods. Dekko Video Courses for Schools equip pupils with creative strategies that can help them to pass their exams in a way that works for them while helping to boost their confidence and providing a lifelong skill set.

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