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Using AI to support learners with dyslexia


1st May, 2024

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Presenter(s): Craig Mill, CALL Scotland

Whether we like it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly seeping into our lives. Popular technology such as Alexa and Siri rely on AI to answer questions and carry out requests.

Our smartphones and devices have a lot of artificial intelligence and companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are developing newer and more sophisticated apps and programs that use AI, which are beginning to appear in teaching and learning applications such as Office 365 and Google Docs.

In this webinar, Craig will explore some examples of AI that can be used to support learners with reading and writing difficulties, arising from dyslexia, for example, how to use CoPilot to improve voice typing and spelling, how to use Google Lens to extract text from images to improve readability and accessibility. Craig will also demonstrate how AI can help with spelling, and grammar to support writing.

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