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Support Learner accessibility with iPads & Digital Technology


15th May, 2024

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Presenter(s): Linsey Miller, Sacred Heart Primary, Grangemouth

In this webinar, Linsey, a teacher of ASN and autism, and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert & Apple Teacher will explain why she is passionate about delivering best practice in digital pedagogy.

Many schools already use iPads as part of their learning and teaching. With the rollout of iPads in several local authorities across the country, we have in our classrooms a fantastic learning tool to effectively support learners with barriers to learning including EAL and dyslexia. Through a series of structured lessons, children will learn how to more fully and independently access the curriculum.

However these skill-based lessons should not be reserved solely for learners who require additional support – all pupils can benefit from learning how to utilise the accessibility features of the iPad and associated Microsoft apps. Teaching can be delivered via class teachers, Support for Learning staff, or even by Young Digital Leaders / Dyslexia Ambassadors.

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