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EaseeDo - Visual timetables/guides and emotion-tracking software


4th September, 2024 (4:00pm - 4:30pm)

Free webinar

Presenter(s): Trevor Nicholls, EaseeDo

Join Trevor the creator of an exciting new web platform and mobile app called EaseeDo which allows you to create visual timetables and guides whilst tracking emotions at the same time.

He will share some background information about his experiences, what led to the development of the software, and the main objectives.

During the session he will share the functionality of both the website and the app, looking specifically at:

  • Using the app to create a visual schedule on a mobile device.
  • Demonstrate the other visual resources, guides and checklists that can be created and accompany the visual schedule.
  • The customisable emotion tracking and how it can be used.

Trevor will demonstrate the structure of the platform to help a support team around an individual, and how you could use the platform collaboratively.

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