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A.I. to support V.I.

Posted by Craig Mill on the 27th May, 2024

Category Visual Impairment Assistive Technology

For many learners with a visual impairment, a video magnifier is a valuable and accessible method of accessing printed material, such as reading books and worksheets. Yet, despite their importance, the functionality of a ‘traditional’ video magnifier has rarely changed over the years.

A video magnifier (also known as a CCTV, which stands for Closed Circuit Television) is designed to help learners with visual impairments read printed text (many include text-to-speech) view images, and perform other visual tasks. Video magnifiers are available in different sizes, e.g., handheld, desktop and portable (table size or foldable).

Examples of video magnifiers include:

Optelec Video Magnifiers

Humanware Video Magnifiers 

Sight and Sound Video Magnifiers 

Some video magnifiers can mirror content from the teacher's computer or whiteboard to the pupil's device. Some are fitted with cameras so they can take distance shots/images, e.g., zoom into a whiteboard etc. 

Selection of video magnifiers

Artificial Intelligence-powered devices 

However, AI-powered devices such as the Orcam MyEye and Orcam Read 3, are introducing next-generation tools that can magnify and read text, identify objects and much more. 

Orcam Read with Stand

The Orcam Read 3 includes the following features and tools;

In the video below, Ian White from Orcam demonstrates the Orcam Read 3 with the Stream software. Ian uses the AI feature to ask questions about the book's author Roald Dahl and about characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Find out more about the Orcam Read 3.

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