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Book in for January Seminar at CALL Scotland

by Shirley Lawson

on Fri Nov 25, 2016

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training course

CALL Scotland course,
University of Edinburgh
27th February, 2020

Access to technology for learners with physical support needs

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On 17th January  we are holding a morning seminar on Assessment and Support of Students with Additional Support Needs.  We want to raise awareness of the potential of Assistive Technology and to help teachers not only understand how transformational it can be for  students with additional support needs or disabilities but to give them practical skills and information on what to use, how to use it and when to use it. 

The promotion of this seminar follows on aptly from Paul Nisbet's excellent blog post 'Raising Attainment through the use of Assistive Technology'.  The  quote from Professor Andy Hargreaves (advisor to the Scottish Government on the National Improvement Framework) sets out the principles which we believe in and steer us to provide relevant career-long professional learning for Scottish teachers.

The use of assistive technology to support the needs of special education students has been a revelation and has begun a small revolution in student achievement, so that many students are now able to access, develop and display what they know in ways that have never been possible for them before.

Assistive technologies, the results of this study show, can increase participation, enhance inclusion, develop positive identity and self-confidence and raise achievement in the community of students with special educational needs. They can also enhance, extend and engage learning among all students.

Reference: Hargreaves, A. & Braun, H. (2012). Leading for all page 53

What will be covered in the seminar?

  • Legal requirements and obligations under the Equality and ASL Acts

  • Pathways of support for students with additional support needs, disabilities, communication difficulties

  • Where to go for advice and support regarding assessing a student

  • How to carry out an in house ICT assessment of a student with additional support needs, disabilities or communication difficulties

  • The SETT assessment framework

  • Practical strategies to support students with writing and reading difficulties

  • Using technology to support all students

  • Using Glow, Google Classroom and other cloud storage solutions to enable students to easily access work at home as well as at school

Who should attend?

  • Teachers, learning assistants, support for learning staff 
    - anyone who works with students with additional support needs, disabilities or communication difficulties either in a mainstream or special needs base / school.
  • Head teachers, senior management team, guidance staff 
    - anyone with responsibility for a student's IEP, CSP or Child's Plan

The CALL Scotland team has a wide range of expertise and knowledge and will be on hand to present, discuss and provide valuable information to help you support your students to achieve their potential.  

Please sign up now for this opportunity to learn more about Assistive Technology and how it can help your students fully access the curriculum and reach their potential.  


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