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Book now for our 10 week Technology for ASN in Education course!

Posted by Shirley Lawson on the 21st September, 2023

Category Assistive Technology Dyslexia

Are you working within the education sector and want to provide a more inclusive experience for all your learners? Do you know how Assistive Technology can be a key driver to make this happen?

This innovative 10 week Technology to support ASN in Education online course starts on 7th February 2024 and could be your key Professional Learning chance to take on a new challenge which could drive forward positive change in your educational setting.

Course outline

On this course you will learn how assistive technologies can increase the educational opportunities for learners with Additional Support Needs (ASN). The conditions arising from the ASN could be dyslexia, autism, communication difficulties, sensory impairment, severe and complex learning needs; all of which can be barriers to fully accessing the school curriculum.

For the duration of the course you will have access to the University of Edinburgh’s extensive library of e-texts which will allow you to spend time researching and reading articles of interest linked to the course. We notionally recommend you set aside 5 - 7 hours a week for self-study, contributions to the discussion forums and an optional self-reflective activity. There will be a one hour weekly workshop focussing on one particular topic which will be part of the 5-7 hour weekly time commitment.

We attract practitioners from all over the UK and further afield which makes it a rich collegiate learning experience for all. The CALL Scotland team are available to help answer any questions you have and to extend the conversation beyond the weekly workshops.


We've had lots of positive feedback over the past three years and each year we develop and update our course materials. One satisfied participant said:

The course content was excellent including the extensive knowledge and experience of the CALL Scotland team, the opportunity to read so extensively, and the access to so many online resources. The overall course has had a very positive impact on the development of our service going forward.


Cost per participant is £450. At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Digital Badge and have a wealth of new and valuable knowledge to help you take forward the use of Assistive Technologies to support learners with Additional Support Needs.

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