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Do you use assessment arrangements in SQA exams? SQA want to speak to you.

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 6th November, 2023

Category Digital Exams

Are you a student who uses or has used assessment arrangements in SQA examinations? If so, the Scottish Qualifications Authority would like to speak to you about your experiences with assessment arrangements. 

Around 20% of students who sat SQA National Qualifications examinations in 2023 requested assessment arrangements such as extra time, use of technology, a human reader/scribe, or the exam paper in an accessible format. 

SQA are researching the assessment arrangements process and are looking for disabled learners and/or students with additional support needs who are using or have used additional support in their learning and assessments, to take part in interviews

SQA want to hear about your experiences of the assessment arrangements process and your opinion of how the process works.

This is a really important opportunity for the most important people involved in assessment arrangements - the pupils who use them - to have their say!

The interview should take no more than an hour and learners can register their interest by completing this form

If you or your learners have any questions, they can contact SQA by emailing pasequalities@sqa.org.uk.

Here in CALL Scotland, we're particularly keen for any students who use Digital Assessment Arrangements to take part and make their voices heard, particularly now that technology support is now more commonly used than human readers/scribes

The information gathered from this research project will help to improve the assessment arrangements system and recommend actions to be taken forward by the new Scottish qualifications body. SQA will also publish a report with their findings once the project is completed.

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