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Digital Exams

Internet-enabled technology can be used in SQA exams in 2025!

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 13th June, 2024

Category Digital Exams Assistive Technology

SQA have announced a new policy on the use of internet-connected devices in examinations: it will be allowed, provided the candidates cannot access any information that might help them in the exam.

Digital assessment arrangements in 2024-2025

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 10th June, 2024

Category Digital Exams Assistive Technology

This article summarises trials of digital assessment arrangements for SQA examinations over the last session and suggests implications for 2024-2025. Find out more by attending the session at ASL & Technology on 12th June 2024.

Do you use assessment arrangements in SQA exams? SQA want to speak to you.

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 6th November, 2023

Category Digital Exams

SQA are looking to speak to students who use or have used assessment arrangements in examinations, to hear about your experiences and to find out how the assessment arrangements process works and what you think about it.

SQA Assessment Arrangements in 2023

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 24th August, 2023

Category Digital Exams Computer Accessibility

SQA have issued information about the requests for Assessment Arrangements for the 2023 examinations. There was an increase again in the number of candidates and entries for whom arrangements were requested and digital technology is one of the most common arrangements.

Exciting news about technology for SQA assessment arrangements

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 13th March, 2023

Category Digital Exams Speech Recognition

Learners in many parts of Scotland have been provided with personal Chromebooks or iPads but generally they can't use them examinations. We have set up working groups to find solutions - read on to find out about progress so far.

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