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Don't delay, get your place booked today at our ASL and Tech Conference 2024!

Posted by Kirsteen Steven on the 27th May, 2024

Category Assistive Technology Severe & Complex Support Needs

In just over 2 weeks we will have 21 workshops to choose from in one day and it will only cost you £5!   Even if you aren’t able to join us for the whole day, you will be sent access  to all the recordings to catch up later at a time that suits you.  

Great value for money! 

To help you map out your day, we have 3 pathways of workshops to choose from whether your main interest is supporting learners with communication challenges, dyslexia, or complex needs. You can view the full programme on the ASL and Technology website.

In room 1 our focus will mostly be communication, while the focus of room 2 will be dyslexia and our room 3 will mostly focus on supporting learners with complex needs.

Don't miss out!

We are very excited to have Reeza Awoodun of TedchEdology join us, to share the recently released Inspiration 11 described as "the ideal visual thinking tool for creating mind maps, concept maps, graphic organisers, outlines and presentations". 

Also joining us on the day will be Claire MacMillan, Speech and Language therapist with Cerebral Palsy Scotland as she shares how AAC groups have proved hugely beneficial for lots of young people as they experience supported peer interaction sessions.   

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