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Autumn Term Professional Learning Programme available for booking now

Posted by Kirsteen Steven on the 21st August, 2023

Category Dyslexia AAC

It's the start of a new school year and I need to upskill with technology to support my learners with ASN. Where can I find high quality professional learning?

The CALL Scotland Professional Learning programme is definitely the right place! We have a wide range of learning opportunities all of which will provide you with new skills - or a refresher – and enable you to support your learners to access the curriculum more fully and to increase their independence and confidence.

Why not browse our Thinglink (below) by clicking on the blue and red dots in each section. An accessibility viewer for Thinglink is also available.

We have a wide variety of FREE practical 30-minute webinars that take place on Wednesdays at 4pm. Aug-Dec 23 Webinars

We have one hour training courses hosted by the CALL Team that take place on Thursdays from 4pm at a cost of £30 per individual.

If you have been given a new role or stage in school this year or have set yourself some specific PRD targets our online 5-week self-study course, Technology to Support Dyslexia in Education or our 10-week online course Technology to Support ASN in Education could be just what you need!

We know that time is an extremely precious commodity for everyone and not only that, but we recognise that time given over to training needs to be worthwhile.

We believe that you should all leave a training session with at least one "take-away" that you can test or try out the very next day. It is our hope that from the variety of Professional Learning opportunities that we have available for you from now until December we will offer you just that.

And please remember, we are available to come out to your school and deliver in-person hands-on bespoke training sessions. Email kirsteen.steven@ed.ac.uk to discuss your training requirements and to book a date in our calendar.

Online course - £30

Using AI to Support Learners with Dyslexia

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