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iPad Short video guides to support reading and writing

Posted by Craig Mill on the 12th January, 2021

iPad short video guides to support reading and writing’ is a series of quick guides explaining how to use the iPad’s built-in tools to support reading and writing. The guides can also be used on an iPhone.

There are 12 videos in total which are organised in a contextual YouTube Playlist, starting with reading support and gradually leading on to writing support and using both simultaneously.

If you are new to using the iPad’s built-in accessibility tools, I recommend you start at video 1: Making web pages easier to read with Reader View and work your way through to video 12: Using an external keyboard and mouse with the iPad.

The list includes:

1: Making web pages easier to read with Safari Reader View

2: Using Speak Selection to help with reading

3: Using Speak Screen to read information on the iPad’s screen

4: Using Speak Screen Controller to support reading

5: Highlight Content to help visual focus with tracking words and sentences

6: Using Split Screen to help with revision and writing

7: Typing Feedback reads aloud typed letters and words

8: Check Spelling can help to identify and correct spelling mistakes

9: Predictive Text  to help with spelling

10: Text Replacement can help with repetitive tasks and spelling mistakes

11: Siri to support writing

12: Using an external keyboard and mouse with the iPad.

If you have difficulty accessing the videos on YouTube they are also available from my Microsoft OneDrive account.

Please share them with your pupils, parents and others.









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