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New Explorer 2024/25 Symbol Resources available now!

Posted by Joanna Courtney on the 13th March, 2024

Category AAC Books for All

Bookbug Explorer bags are gifted by Scottish Book Trust to every 3 year-old child in Scotland through their nursery. 

CALL Scotland’s award-winning symbolised resources for children with communication difficulties, learning disabilities or with English as an Additional Language (EAL) enable parents and carers, as well as nursery staff, to help every child engage fully with the books and foster a life-long love of reading. 

Our latest pack of symbol resources to accompany this year’s Bookbug Explorer Bag 2024/25 is ready to download now! 

Download the Explorer Symbol Resources 2024/5.

As well as low tech symbol board PDFs for printing, we produce digital communication boards with recorded speech for use with the Free communication iOS app Soundingboard.

Simply install the free iOS app from the App Store onto your iPad or iPhone and when you download the Soundingboard (.able) file from the website and open it in Soundingboard, it is pre-recorded and ready to use along with the book! There are 3 in total for your child to use to communicate about each story and join in with the fun. 

For ideas on how to use the resources, why not have a look at some of our Bookbug help videos.

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