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Updated Wheel of Apps for Complex Communication Support Needs (AAC)

Posted by Joanna Courtney on the 18th October, 2023

Category AAC Communication Support Needs

Our hugely popular wheel of AAC Apps has been given a refresh and update. This 'wheel' of Apps provides a categorised guide to iPad Apps for individuals with complex communication support needs, who may need to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). We appreciate that identifying AAC Apps from the many available can be a difficult and challenging task, so we hope that in creating and sharing this resource, it will help you with that process.

Key principles in our selection process are:

The Apps are categorised in the wheel based on their key features. Although some apps could be listed under multiple categories, we have chosen to assign them according to their primary feature(s).

What's New?

Download a copy of the Updated Wheel.

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