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iPad Apps for Learners with Dyscalculia/Numeracy Difficulties


  • Published: 2017
  • Revision: 1.1
  • Format: A3
  • File type: pdf
  • File size: 1.5Mb

Since we first started our series of app wheel posters for dyslexia we have had regular queries about iPad apps to help learners with numeracy difficulties. This new poster is our response. It is by no means comprehensive but attempts to identify relevant, useful apps that will help to embed numerical learning and to give opportunities for repeated practice of concepts that cause difficulty. It is aimed at helping to identify apps that may be useful for learners in a Primary School setting, rather than more advanced levels of numeracy and mathematics, though some can be used at many levels.

The categories in the outer rim of the wheel align with Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence Benchmarks for Numeracy and Mathematics with the addition of an 'Other Maths Tools' category.

We would like to thank our colleagues from the Assistive Technology for Learning Across Scotland group for their suggestions, and must also thank Mary Delahunty, whose Numeracy Wheel provided a starting point for this poster.

The app wheel was updated at the end of January, prior to a webinar describing iPad Apps for Dyscalculia and Numeracy Difficulties on February 7th. Two apps were removed, one was updated (MyScript Calculator becoming MyScript Calculator 2) and three were added (Socratic, NumPad and Multi-Touch Mathematics). The wheel was downloaded nearly 2,000 times in the three months between the end of October 2017 and the end of January 2018.

CALL Scotland runs annual courses on Technology to Support Dyscalculia and Numeracy Difficulties at our centre in Edinburgh and at your school, by request.

Contact with any questions about bespoke training.

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