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iPad Apps for Learners with Dyscalculia/Numeracy Difficulties


A3 sized PDF poster - revision 1.2, published 2020


iPad Apps for Learners with Dyscalculia/Numeracy Difficulties is one of a series of over 30 posters available from the Downloads section of the CALL Scotland web site. It was first launched in October 2017 and has been downloaded nearly 14,000 times. Since our last update a few apps have disappeared; others have had their names / icons or web addresses changed and the following apps have been added:

  • Dexteria Dots
  • Dyscalculia - Test and Training
  • Maths Loops Add Subtract Lite
  • Maths Skill Builders - UK
  • Mathscribe
  • Measure
  • Mental Math Practice - Arithmetic Flash Cards
  • Squeebles Fractions
  • Stages Math
  • Times Tables Challenge Quiz

The wheel is by no means comprehensive but attempts to identify apps that will help to embed numerical learning and to give opportunities for repeated practice of concepts that cause difficulty. We would stress that, particularly for dyscalculia and maths, individual apps provide useful practice and reinforcement, but are not a substitute for sound teaching.

The categories in the outer rim align with Scottish Curriculum for Excellence Benchmarks for Numeracy and Mathematics with the addition of an ‘Other Maths Tools’ category. If you use the electronic version of the poster, clicking on the individual app names or icons will take you to the appropriate page of the Apple App store to get information on each app.

CALL Scotland runs courses on Technology to support Dyslexia and Dyscalculia at our centre in Edinburgh and at your school, by request Contact: kirsteen.steven@ed.ac.uk with any questions about bespoke training.

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Contents of this PDF poster (Accessible version)

Below is an accessible breakdown of the contents of the PDF poster, designed to be accessible with a screen reader, and also for people who find it hard to see or access the links in the poster.

Number and Number Processes



Number Lines

Number Recognition

Basic Operations ( + - x ÷)


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